Be Fashionable…..Be You

Do you have that entrepreneurial bug in you?

Have you ever done business in you high school, or college days . Like getting some cheap yet cool stuff from a local market and selling it in your friend circle or taking money from people to bring the mouth watering halwa your mom cooks.

All of us have businessman inside us,but very less are blessed with the confidence to start and continue the same. There is a saying that “there is only 2% successful businessman running the 98% of employed “

We are the victims of our insecureness that leads us to fulfill someone else’s dreams by working for that person.Most of the colleges teach Business management and business strategies,MBA and claim to give you 100% JOB ASSISTANCE.So what is the point of learning those rather they should teach Employment management or Employment strategies. To get a pay check of few thousands ,on the 30th of every month all of us sacrifice the dream of billions.

Some of us have the house rent due on 5th,Installemts on 7th and kids fees before 10th of every month, whereas others have the responsibility to repay education loan, sisters marriage and medical bills of parents. All of these acts as an invisible chain which ties us to the job  we are doing at the mercy of others.

There are many of us who wakes up every day with a dream to start a business of his own and leave the slavery of others to live a life of his choice, by the time he reach home at night exhausted and tired, the dreams also gets exhausted and flies out from the window of the living room.

How you can create a second source of income?

We all know how brands like Nutrilife,Herbalcare,Avon  etc works. You first get a membership from your nearest distributor. You Get catalogues of current products with MRP’s on it. You then start selling them in your social circle ,to your colleagues, your relatives, friends , neighbours ,Or post your products on facebook and start getting customers and earn a profit from it. Now this is where you are helping some other brand to increase their reach to customers and you getting a very little commission.

This time you will be working your own brand,Create your identity,Leave your mark and earn the maximum possible profit (MPP).


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Stay stylish……Stay Desi

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